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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature: New Testament
Oral Roberts University offers one undergraduate program at Livets Ord Theological Seminary: Bachelor of Arts in New Testament.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature: New Testament program is a broad theological degree, which includes a strong foundation in the Bible, study of church history, and systematic theology. The Major concentration is the New Testament, leading the student into an in-depth examination of the contents of the New Testament. Instruction in the Greek language is also a component, as is exegesis of the Greek text. There are four options for the student’s Minor concentration. These are: Pastoral Ministry, Old Testament, Missions, and Jewish Studies. The program also includes a number of General Education courses, serving to provide a common bond of knowledge for all students in the areas of theology, humanities, language, and science.

Target Group
The program is targeted towards anyone wanting to acquire a professional knowledge of theology in general and the New Testament in particular. This would include people preparing for church ministry, missionary work, teaching and also for work in the media.

Length of Studies
The Bachelor of Arts in New Testament program consists of 128 credits and can normally be earned in 4 years. For students with a high school transcript from the Nordic countries, the program takes less time since some General Educational courses can be waived. However, many students pursue the program on a part-time basis and extend their studies over a longer period of time. To make it possible to take the Bachelor of Arts New Testament in a more intensive and flexible way, the so-called Fast Track model offers opportunities of earning the degree with the same content in three years. Fast Track is a combination of courses on campus, comprising two years of intensive studies with fall, spring and summer semesters, and one year of courses on the Internet. This option is especially suitable for international students. The same number of credits – 128 – is required.

Entrance Requirements
In order to enter a Bachelor of Arts program the student must present a transcript from a high school or equivalent. For more information, see Admission requirements.

Further Studies
Bachelor of Arts in New Testament lays the foundation for further professional or academic studies, such as Master’s degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in New Testament degree is internationally recognised through the affiliation agreement with Oral Roberts University, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. For more information, see Affiliation.

Internet studies
One year of the studies required for a Bachelor of Arts New Testament Major may be undertaken via the internet.

Graduation Requirements
The last 30 credits of a baccalaureate degree program, including six credits in the major field, must be completed at Livets Ord Theological Seminary.  The minimum number of credits required for a bachelor’s degree is 128 credit hours. A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 per semester hour must be earned for all undergraduate work to qualify for graduation. For more information, see Graduation Requirements.

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