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Master of Arts in Practical Theology
General Description
The Master of Arts in Practical Theology is designed to better equip believers for their important ministry in the local church. These leaders usually serve under the direction of pastors and are not seeking admission to ordained ministry or a position as senior pastor. This degree program prepares believers by increasing competence and understanding in the Word of God through proper hermeneutical and study skills and by providing a theological framework for understanding the teaching of Scripture and practices of ministry. This program is structured to provide a strong biblical/theological/practical ministry foundation for leadership and includes flexibility for students to structure their own programs to meet perceived needs in ministry.

Flexible Modular Program
The Livets Ord Theological Seminary Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree is designed to meet the needs of resident students as well as students involved in ministry and other work. The course is therefore designed so that students can take courses by distance via Internet or come to the Livets Ord Theological Seminary campus for intensive one-week module courses. The program consists of 58 credits, of which currently half may be undertaken via the Internet. There are at least three 3-credits intensive modules planned for each academic year. The modular sessions are held from 8:30–16:30, daily Mon-Fri. For specific dates, see the Course Schedule. The program can be completed in three years, but many students extend their studies over a longer period of time.

Entrance Requirements
In order to enter a Master of Arts program the student must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and 3 credits course in THE 217 / GTHE 517 Theological Research or equivalent. You may be granted restricted admission until you have fulfilled the last prerequisite.For more information, see How to Apply

Graduation Requirements
Before candidates for the Master of Arts degree graduate, they must pass at least 57 semester hours of coursework. They must complete all prerequisites, satisfy all proficiencies, complete the professional evaluation (for more information, see Assessment), and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50. Participation in graduation ceremonies is required of all candidates.

This degree is a Livets Ord Theological Seminary degree, not yet accredited through ORU. It follows standards used in high quality Master of Arts programs internationally including those of ORU. For more information, see Affiliation.

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